Marvelous Designer Masterclass with Mike Fudge


     If you want to make clothing, Marvelous Designer is the tool you need. With over 16 years of working experience as a character artist I’ll guide you through this process.

     In this course I'll show how to make a double layered jacket from a pattern. And, because in your career you'll also be required to build from imagination or concept art, you'll learn how to make garments from scratch, without a pattern. First I’ll introduce an easy lesson showing how to make a shirt. Then, an advanced lesson, showing how to make a pair of jeans with overlapping panel sewing. After that I’ll bring all the projects into one scene and show how to simulate everything into a complete outfit.

     In this course I've also included two bonus chapters, in the first I'll teach how to simulate your full garment on an animation. The second, you'll learn how to present your work with the fundamentals of lighting, material setup, and rendering that can be applied to any program.

     For the purposes of this course I’ll be using the Genesis 8 female rigged base body from Daz3d (it's free!) for character setup and pose changes, but any rigged character can be used.

     I am an individual artist and I independently create these resources. Without you I wouldn’t be able to continue making content like this. Thank you for your support!

:: Chapter list ::

  • Chapter 1: Tools Introduction                           
  • Chapter 2: Daz3d character setup                  
  • Chapter 3: Jacket                                         
  • Chapter 4: Shirt                                               
  • Chapter 5: Pants                                          
  • Chapter 6: Full Garment Assemble                  
  • Chapter 7: Simulation on Animation (Bonus)    
  • Chapter 8: Rendering (Bonus)

:: Pattern ::

  • Jacket construction pattern

:: Scene Files ::

  • 4 Daz3d target poses
  • All Marvelous Designer scene saves from Chapters 3-6
  • Marmoset render scene
  • Obj of exported Avatar, jacket, shirt, and pants.

:: License info ::

The materials and content are copyright protected. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.  You may not without the express written consent of Michael Fudge distribute or commercially exploit the contents of this training course.  You may not transmit or store the content, in whole or in part, to any other person or company. Permission is granted for only your individual, personal viewing of the course.

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