Cyberpunk portait

Mike fudge keyshot b 001
Mike fudge keyshot a 003
Mike fudge headrender e 001
Mike fudge keyshot d 001
Mike fudge keyshot c 001

This was a personal project that started off for fun as a way to learn more about Arnold and skin shading. Once the base head was made and skin tests were done, it wasn't so exciting to render out a normal guys portrait. I had always wanted to make something that could fit into the cyberpunk genre, so a little bit more modeling and some marvelous designer and here we are.

Much credit to the great artists who have paved this road already and the awesome guys at CD PROJEKT RED. Searching for reference images I kept coming across their concept art, super inspiring! It was really difficult to not be pulled in and build exactly from that (I wish!)

Also, a huge thanks to Michal Baca for letting me use a screenshot of his environment for the background in my image. Check out his environment, it's awesome!

Thanks for viewing!

January 8, 2019